Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Let's do this Right

I’m not certain and you’re not sure.
We’ve both loved people
We wish we’d never met before.
I’ll try not to be one of them,
But I can’t promise even that,
And what I feel now
May one day be
A memory I’m just angry at.

But sure, why not?
What the hell is there to lose,
But time and patience, self-respect and independence?
Aren’t those things all just second prize
For people with nobody by their sides?
I don’t believe that
But if you do,
I’ll lie and say that I do too.

Let’s do this right or not at all.
Let’s do this right and just admit,
Neither of us think the other is a perfect fit.
We know we could find someone better;
Someone smarter, someone slimmer,
Someone like her from off the telly,
Or like him from in that book I read,
Or maybe just someone who’s not too proud,
To get down there and give me head.
So let’s not feel we have to settle;
If we’re not happy now,
We won’t get more so -
Let’s just not bother after all.

And if perchance you should feel lonely,
Just remember this one thing:
Happiness never was a door
Marked “couples only”.

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